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You can book a table for the restaurant of your choice by selecting an available date from the Select date dropdown menu.

Reservation is valid first when you have received an e-mail confirmation or been contacted by our sales representant.

If you want to make a reservation for today, please call directly to Central Restaurant, tel. 09-636 483.


Opening Hours:

  • Mon–Fri 14–23 (kitchen 14–22.15)
  • Sat-Sun 12–23 (kitchen 12–22.15)


    • Fri 19th April 14–23 (kitchen 14–22.15)

    • Sat 20th April 12–23 (kitchen 12–22.15)

    • Sun 21th April 12–23 (kitchen 12–22.15)

    • Mon 22th April 12–23 (kitchen 12–22.15)

    1st of May

    • Wed 1st May 12–23 (kitchen 12–22)

    • Table reservations for 1st of May are not available. The shortened à la carte list is used.

    Welcome to our restaurant!